Club Championships

These are ‘closed competitions’ as only members of our club can enter them. We would expect the majority of our swimmers to enter these galas, details of which are given nearer the time.

25m Club Championships Main Club Championships Distance Championships
All Strokes
Gold ⇒ Dev 1
7/u – 12/Over
All strokes
50m - 400m
Dev 3  ⇒  Elite Performance
u10 – Open
800m & 1500m Freestyle
Dev 1  ⇒  Elite Performance
u12 – Open

Novice / Mini  Galas

These 'closed competitions' are fun events aimed at giving members who do not regularly compete in other competitions a chance to race. The events are not held under the strict ASA rules followed at other competitions so you will not be disqualified (even if you are asked to swim butterfly).

  • 25m/50m races
  • 7-12yrs

League & Trophy Galas (Team)

ADSC takes part in a number of leagues throughout the year including the highly prestigious National Swimming League plus some single round team galas. These galas offer the chance to compete in individual sprint events and relays as part of a team. Events take place at a variety of pools throughout the South

Swimmers are selected for team galas based on the fastest times held on our database, or the coaching team may select swimmers as part of their development planning.

  • 25m – 100m races inc. relays

  • 9/Over

  • By selection on times

  • The club enters various league throughout the year

Open Meets

These events offer the opportunity for swimmers to select events to swim and compete at a higher level and against a wider pool of swimmers than would be available within the club. Swimmers must have achieved published qualifying times to enter. Events may be at Level 1, 2 or 3:

Level 1: These meets are swum in Long Course (LC) 50m pools and are generally aimed at National and Regional level swimmers. Swimmers will have to swim faster than published times, sometimes referred to as Minimum Qualifying Times.

Level 2: These meets are swum in Short Course (SC) 25m pools and are also aimed at National, Regional and County level swimmers. Again, these will have Minimum Qualifying Times, which swimmers must have achieved to gain entry.

Level 3: These meets can be swum in LC or SC pools. These are generally for all but the fastest club swimmers. Promoters Conditions will state Upper Limit Times, which swimmers entry times cannot be faster than. Often there are also Minimum Qualifying Times, stating times that swimmers must have achieved to enter the event.

Some of these events can be very competitive to get accepted for as entries may be restricted in order to keep the session and meet times within ASA rules for competitive meets. Speak to your coach if you are having difficulties

County Competitions

Hampshire Schools Hampshire Development Meet Hampshire County Championships​

Junior Relays – yrs 5 & 6

Senior Relays – yrs 7 – 13

Individual Competition

For non county qualifiers

9 – 14yrs

Upper Times & Restrictions Apply

Individual Competition

Held January/February

10/11yrs – Open

Qualifying times apply

Relay teams – by selection


Regional & National Competitions

South East Region Championships National Championships

Individual Competition

Held May / June

11/12yrs- Open

Qualifying times apply

Relay teams – by selection

Individual Competition

Held July / August

12/13yrs – Open

Qualification is based on ASA rankings