Your Chance to Win - we're in the East Hants Lottery!

Club Administrator (Nic Gadsby)

Dear Members, Parents and Swimmers,

We hope you are having a good summer and keeping fit, safe and healthy. As you know the club are working hard to get our swimmers back in the pool. We are also looking for creative ways to fundraise for our club. Fundraising has always been a part of the club as an essential way to pay for equipment and coaching and as a way to try and keep our members fees down. Now, as we emerge from lockdown, it is more important than ever.

As our Chair announced in her last letter we have joined the East Hants Lottery! This is a community run lottery whose aim is to raise money for good causes.  The lottery is drawn every week on a Saturday night and the top prize is £25,000.  It is a fun and lighthearted way to fundraise and win prizes!

For as little as £1 per week, you will be helping to support local good causes, as well as the swimming club. 50% of ticket sales will be donated to the club, 10% will be donated to other local organisations and the remaining 40% is distributed in prizes.
Each ticket has a 1 in 50 chance to win.

Please click on the link to read more, we hope you can support us with this new exciting way to raise money and win money! I have signed up already.

East Hampshire Community Lottery