August  2021 onwards.

Our Covid guidance is in accordance with the current Swim England guidance along with the government advice via NHS guidelines.

  • Regular Lateral flow testing required by schools is also welcomed by the club as method of early detection, if you are of the age category covered by these tests. Should you test positive do not attend training even if you have no symptoms, please complete a PCR test before returning to swimming.
  • If your swimmer tests positive on a Lateral Flow Test or PCR test please follow the NHS guidelines in addition to this please notify the club on [email protected]
  • When we are notified of a positive case the club will make the squads impacted aware of the case and ask the swimmers to follow NHS guidelines in relation to close contacts of a positive case. 

  • If you are notified as a possible contact you may continue to swim unless you test positive of show any symptoms. If you experience any symptoms please take a test asap and DO NOT come to training.

COVID-19 Documents until July 19th 2021 retained here for reference.

1) Please find below links to important club documentation that enables us to operate in a COVID-19 environment.

2) We hope that none of our swimmers will be personally affected by COVID-19, but we have prepared procedures in case they do:

3) Please find below diagrams showing how our swimmers enter and exit our pools, according to a strict one-way system. (We are hoping to get better diagrams in due course.)


Alton Sports Centre (click here for video)

Alton Sports Centre


The Taro Sports Centre, Petersfield (click here for video)

The Taro Sports Centre, Petersfield