COVID-19 Managing incidences of covid, proximity to positive cases and symptoms in our club.

We very much hope that our swimmers and coaches remain healthy and covid free. Unfortunately, the reality is that at some point one or more of our swimmers probably will catch covid, exhibit covid symptoms or be in proximity of others with covid. Please find below the procedures we will follow:


1) If we have a CONFIRMED case within Alton & District Swimming Club the sessions for that squad will cease and we would ask swimmers in that squad to isolate in line with government guidelines. This is because we manage each squad as a bubble and therefore each swimmer in an effected squad would be counted as a PRIMARY contact. 

2) If a swimmer is sent home from school because there is a confirmed case in their school bubble and told they must isolate in line with government guidelines, they must inform their squad rep and not attend training sessions during that period, even if they have had a negative test or did not exhibit symptoms.

3) If a household member of a swimmer is isolating under the advice of test and trace or their school, but remains well with no symptoms and no positive test (see point 4), the swimmer may continue to attend sessions.

4) If someone in a swimmer's household (other than the swimmer themselves) has a POSITIVE test, and the student has been to training session (but remains symptomless) the club does not need to suspend that squad's sessions. This is because other swimmers in the squad are considered to be SECONDARY contacts. The swimmer in question however will have to isolate with their household in line with government guidelines.

5) If a swimmer who has come to an ADSC training session has SYMPTOMS, but no positive test, we will keep the squad sessions open until the swimmer knows the results of the test, however the child with symptoms cannot attend while awaiting test results.

6) If someone in a household with one of our swimmers has SYMPTOMS, we would ask the swimmer to not attend our sessions until their household member has been tested.