Head Coach 

Luke Surplice

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I swam as a competitive swimmer to national level my entire life and having the opportunity to pass some of what I’ve learned along the way to the next generations of swimmers and having coached and developed swimmers to British Championships and Masters World Championships has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. 

I am very passionate about swimming, the process of developing technique and technical skills, bonding a strong and united team, and developing good work ethic during training and competitions. It is my belief that as the head coach it is my role to ensure that all of this can be achieved while having fun along the way.

The objectives for the club and the actions of the coaches will be focused on building confidence, self-esteem, discipline and a sense of commitment and pride in the club and in themselves. These personality traits and qualities will benefit them at whatever level they swim.

It is the coach’s responsibility to help the swimmers develop strong skills, challenge them and help them to identify individual goals and develop a plan to achieve them. It is the swimmer’s responsibility to begin thinking critically as it applies to their performance in training and competitions to identify areas for improvement as well as areas of strength as an individual and as a member of the club. I expect nothing less than their very best effort at all times and this combined with being the best teammate they can, is very important.


Performance 2 Coach 

Dave McGuire

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Performance 3 Coach 

Robin Nettleton

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When I was a boy I found one of the things I loved was to swim. I wasn't a natural sportsperson even though my family were very sporty, but I found this was one sport I could do well. My Grandfather Burt swam for a club and I guess I must take after him because my father and brother both hated swimming.
My mother used to spend her life sitting in the spectator gallery at Highgrove Pool in northwest London while I practiced. I competed in London in the early 80s and won a few local competitions
in Front Crawl. 
I stopped swimming when I was 14 years old, switched to cycling and became part of the Velocity team. 
I came back to swimming in my late twenties and rediscovered my love for the sport as a Masters Swimmer, then went on to gain Level 2 in Swimming Teaching and Level 2 in Coaching. 
I joined Alton & District in September 2017 and it's now the club closest to my heart. We have an amazing Coaching and Teaching team headed by Luke Surplice who is an established Swimmer and Coach. I've taught everything from our youngest swimmer just starting out on their journey to coaching our elite level athletes within our performance program.
I look forward to meeting you on poolside and sharing my passion for swimming with you.


Academy Coordinator

Ruth Saunders

Email : [email protected]

She recently took on the position of the Academy Coordinator and is looking forward to growing the clubs Academy programme for our youngest members and ensuring their sessions are of the highest quality.




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