When I was a boy I found one of the things I loved was to swim. I wasn't a natural sportsperson even though my family were very sporty, but I found this was one sport I could do well. My Grandfather Burt swam for a club and I guess I must take after him because my father and brother both hated swimming.
My mother used to spend her life sitting in the spectator gallery at Highgrove Pool in northwest London while I practiced. I competed in London in the early 80s and won a few local competitions
in Front Crawl. 
I stopped swimming when I was 14 years old, switched to cycling and became part of the Velocity team. 
I came back to swimming in my late twenties and rediscovered my love for the sport as a Masters Swimmer, then went on to gain Level 2 in Swimming Teaching and Level 2 in Coaching. 
I joined Alton & District in September 2017 and it's now the club closest to my heart. We have an amazing Coaching and Teaching team headed by Luke Surplice who is an established Swimmer and Coach. I've taught everything from our youngest swimmer just starting out on their journey to coaching our elite level athletes within our performance program.
 I look forward to meeting you on poolside and sharing my passion for swimming with you.

Robin Nettleton
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