How the Club was formed

Ascot Royals Swimming Club was founded in 2021 by Frogs & Friends, with the objective to provide children from the local community with the opportunity to further develop their swimming skills. 

Frogs & Friends has a long standing history of teaching children to swim and as the swim school grew it became apparent there were a significant number of swimmers who were interested in taking part in competitive swimming. However, having spent many years learning to swim with Frogs & Friends they were reluctant to leave and join a local swimming club.  

To ensure swimmers were given every opportunity to progress within the sport, Frogs & Friends contacted Swim England for permission to form a new local swimming club. Permission was granted and ‘Ascot Royals’ was born. 

Our Club caters for swimmers between the age of 7 and 12.  If a swimmers is over the age of 13 we are able to recommended a local club that will be able to facilite the swimmers needs.



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