Welcome to Aberdeen ASC

Going to Competitions


It is important to compete regularly, to improve racing skills, to update PB’s and to have FUN.




You need plenty of sleep before the meet – so early to bed.


You should eat sensibly before the meet – lots of pasta, vegetables and fruit.


You, or your parents, have to know where you are going and when the warm-up starts because you must arrive 10 minutes before the warm-up starts or you may be withdrawn. Check the event numbers of your swim, as you may not be racing in all the sessions.


If there is an emergency, phone or text the coach to let them know what has happened.

The equipment you need at a meet is Club swimwear, 2 Club caps, towels, 2 pairs of goggles, Club polo-shirt and shorts, shoes for poolside, PB sheet, your list of swims, lots to drink and healthy food. Fruit is ideal, but sweets are not suitable. 


If you have been selected for a relay team, you should wear Club swimwear.


Before and after every race, you speak to the coach. The coach is in charge from the warm-up until the end of the session.


If you have to leave the area where the team is sitting, let the coach know.


Check with the coach before you leave to go home.