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Club Info

Whether you are new to the club or been involved for years, the following pages will give you some of the key information about our club. 

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Who's Who 

Our Squad coaches, as well as key members of our swim club.



We have 4 Age Group squads (swimmers aged 8 years +), a Masters section and a Water Polo section. We also have an associated Junior Fitness and Learn-to-Swim. If you are interested in joining, please contact us.

Here you will find all the information relevant to each squad.


New Members

Here you will find all the documents required for new members


How much will it cost?

Club fees are determined by the Club Committee and may be subject to change each year. The training fees are calculated on an annual basis divided by 12 and collected by direct debit every month. Fees are fixed and no reduction given for non-attendance.  Queries regarding payment can be made direct to the club treasurer.


Club Shop/Equipment 

Find out how to order club swimwear and kit as well double checking the different equipment needed for each squad.



Whether you are new to competitive swimming or not, you will find information about meets and competitions on this page. There are many types of meets, and as this can be confusing we have a document to help explain.

Not sure how the sign-up process works, attending your first meet and don’t know what you need – this is the page for you!



Now that you're ready to volunteer, find out where and how.


Social Events

Click here to find out what events we are organising!



Basically, every piece of information you could ever want to know about our club, including our Codes of Conducts, Policies and procedures,  Constitution, Club Minutes, other Club Management Documents, Club Roles, and Privacy Statements.


Other Useful Links

Every other useful link outside of our club!