Galas FAQ

All swimmers are encouraged to participate in galas during the year. This is always the most difficult aspect of swimming for both parents and swimmers. Its takes a long time to get to know what galas to do, what events to enter and what happens on the day. Here are some tips for your first gala.

How to Enter a Gala

The galas are publshed on your OnDeck app under 'Events'. Please check the closing date as entries cannot be taken after this date. Click 'Declare' on the event you wish to enter. Choose your swimmers name. At the yop of the next page click either Yes or No. If you choose Yes the a drop down may become available for you to pick which events. If this is not available the coach will pick the events. Then click 'Apply' at the bottom of the screen. (NB, Please read each gala information as not all galas are suited for every swimmer. Swimmers should always discuss their entries with their coach)

Gala Fees

These are set by each host club. We then apply a €1 surcharge per event to help towards the cost of a coach attending.

All gala fees must be paid prior to the event or the swimmer may not be permitted to attend.

There are NO free scratches so all entries must be paid for wether your child turns up or not. 

What to do? What to Wear? What to bring?

First of all: Relax!
Swim meets/gala are a fun learning experience. Getting nervous is normal, but don’t let it ruin the experience. You are probably nervous because you don’t know what to expect. Once you go to your first gala, it gets easier with each gala after that. Just have fun and swim hard. Give your best effort, and you can be proud of your results.

I’m at the gala, now what do I do?

The first thing you do is check in with your coach.

You will find that most of the swimmers and parents gather together in one area – ask your coach or buddy in the club.
After you put your gear down near the team, find your Team Manager and let them know you have arrived.
Warm-up – Your coach will tell you where and when to warm up. They will also tell you what they want you to do.
scratch sheet has to be submitted to the organizers by the team 30 min prior to first event starting. If you do not check in, you may be scratched (taken out of events ), as club is fined for no shows at line up.
Check your event, heat number and lane number with your Team Manager after the heat sheets are given out.
As the meet goes on, the events are seeded (placed according to their times) with everyone checked in being assigned a heat and lane.

After you swim a race

When you’ve finished racing you need to do 3 things,
· Always warm down after you swim if there is a warm down pool. Usually you warm down until your heart rate returns to normal, and you’re not breathing hard. Your coach will tell you exactly how much warm down to do.
· Talk to your coach. Your coach has things to tell you about your swim.
· Dry off, put on clothes, get a drink and prepare for next race


Dress warmly, and be prepared for everything! You can always take layers off, but if you didn’t bring enough your body is wasting energy before you race. Wear your Team T-shirt, sweatshirt, sweat pants, shoes and socks, hat. Because your gear looks like everyone else’s, be sure to have your name on all tags.

What do I bring?

  • At least 2 dry towels
    · Racing suit
    · Racing goggles
    · Asgard Hat
    · Extra suit /goggles / hat
    · Extra clothes in a dry bag
    · Flip Flops
    · Tracksuit
    · Water, sports drink (ex. Gatorade, Powerade) and/or fruit juices
    · Snacks (ex. pretzels, crackers, bagels, fruit, peanut butter, granola bars, cereal, yogurt, sandwiches)


Do I have to wear a Asgard Hat ? Yes! It helps us see you in the pool! and is important to help build team spirit.

Club Tshirts should also be worn around the pool and particularly if you are on the podium collecting those well earned medals !!

Club hats Tshirts and Tracksuits can be ordered from our club secretary Elaine

Things to remember

The coaches are there to watch every swim, so their first priority is to the swimmers in the water. Please be patient when you come over to talk to them . If possible, they will talk to you right away, otherwise you will be asked to wait. For the coaches, the gala is like a 3-ring circus with people coming to ask questions, people in the water, and people coming after swims to get feedback. They can’t get into long discussions about everything.

Leaving the Gala

After your last event of the day you are welcome to leave the gala. Please make sure you tell your coach and Team Manager before you leave. If the meet ends in relays, make sure you are not swimming in a relay before you go. It is very disappointing to the other 3 swimmers to be ready for a relay only to find that the fourth swimmer went home already. Cheer on your team mates in their events, be respectful and supportive of one another.

Most importantly enjoy the Gala and fill in your log books with your updated swim times.


For some galas, clubs will be required to help with official duties.
Every parent is expected to do a portion of the duties assigned to the club. The club will be informed prior to the gala and details will be emailed to all those attending the gala. There will always be a short meeting before the gala starts (during the warm up time) where the duties are explained and you can ask any questions.

Make sure your swimmer has plenty of fluids and snacks during the day – try to keep the sweet treats until the end of the day.

Gala results will be available through your OnDeck app soon after each gala.