Parent Supervision Rota

In accordance with Swim Ireland, Asgard Swimming Club require that all aquatic activities involving children and young people must be supervised at all times. Asgard Swimming Club endeavor to ensure that the welfare and safety of the child is always paramount. Therefore, where possible, all persons should avoid being left alone with a child or underage person.


Supervision rotas are organised in advance and will be communicated to all involved by way of email and posted to the club website.  A copy will also be posted on our noticeboard.  We ask you to take note of your times and where needed arrange your replacement as early as possible. Where changes are made to the rota we ask that you update the copy posted on the club noticeboard.

Contact details for all individuals on the rota will be made available to our coaching/teaching staff concerned and to those that need them e.g. individual on supervision duty. Club Children’s Officer etc. The coach/teacher must be able to rely on the parent/supervisor being present and on time.

Failure to meet this requirement may result in the session being delayed or ultimately cancelled.  

NB: An individual on the rota is responsible for their own replacement in the event they cannot fulfil their obligation 

Duties of the Supervisor 
  • The parent/supervisor must arrive at a reasonable time before the session starts and must remain with any teaching/coaching staff until all the children are collected.
  • A member of the committee should be notified of any underage member who is not collected from sessions on a regular basis.       Note: Ultimately responsibility lies with the parent/guardian to be on time to collect their children.
  • The parent/supervisor should have a full view and hearing of the pool area
  • Record the date, names of coaches on duty and the parent on duty
  • Both the Parent on Duty and the coach must sign the attendance sheet at the end of the session
  • The parent/supervisor should not interfere with the coaching or teaching of the session. 
  • Where a parent/supervisor has any concerns these should be brought to the Club Children’s Officer or dealt with immediately if a child is in imminent danger. 
  • Ensure an attendance record for the session is kept
  • Take note of children leaving and returning to pool, e.g. a child should return to the pool after visiting the toilet
  • Where a child leaves the pool early with or without prior arrangement, you must ensure that they sit with you (when dressed) or in close proximity and in full view until such time as they are collected or the session is over. (NB: Please ensure your child is aware of this rule) 
  • Allow the coach freedom to get on with the session and be aware that sometimes coaches need to give feedback to individuals on one to one basis, this must be done in open view
  • Take note of any problems that occur – refer child related issues to the Club Children’s Officer/all other issues to Committee, usually the secretary.
  • Temporary access to children’s contact details will be provided in cases of illness or emergency or in the event the session is cancelled. (In most cases children will know the contact details of their parent or guardian)
  • In cases of emergency, help the coach/teacher by being an extra adult to supervise children or to assist with a response to the emergency 
Changing rooms 

Please note that changing facilities are shared by both Asgard members and members of the general public; it is therefore not possible to provide supervision in these areas. Please ensure that you discuss this with your child and make them aware of who to talk to if any issues arise in unsupervised areas.

If the changing area is open to the public, parents can choose to remain with their child in the appropriate (gender dependent) changing area.

Coaches/Parents/Guardians should not have to enter the changing rooms unless part of a supervision rota. However, there may be circumstances where children need extra assistance or there is an issue, in which case supervision in pairs of the appropriate gender must be adhered to. 

In an emergency circumstance the safety and well-being of a child must be considered above all else.

No person on duty

It is a breach of Swim Ireland rules to not have a person on duty for Swim Ireland sessions, either pool or dry land activities. If a person on duty does not turn up the coach/teacher should take the best courses of action to ensure the safety of the young people and themselves, this may mean cancelling the session unless a replacement is found. The person on duty who did not turn up may be subject to disciplinary action.