Swim England Child Protection Policy

Aquavision adheres to the principles of Wavepower 2020-23 which is the Swim England Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures manual.

The aim of Wavepower 2020-23 is to safeguard children and young people in line with current legislation and guidance.  The responsibility to safeguard children in our clubs and related activities lies will all those involved in the sport and is not the sole responsibility of any one person at club, county or national level.

The aim of the Wavepower manual is to enable everyone in our sport to play their part in safeguarding children by offering practical guidance for those who are directly involved in working with children and providing awareness of both mandatory requirements and good practice guidance.

Welfare Officer Contacts

If you have any concerns regarding child welfare please contact in confidence our Welfare Officers:

Jana Nixon - e-mail [email protected]

Codes of Conduct

Aquavision also provides all members, supporters, staff and parents with four Codes of Conduct.  These documents are designed to establish a set of guidelines and procedures and outlines the responsibilities of all beneficiaries of Aquavision Swimming.  These documents include a Swimmers Code of Conduct, for both competitive and recreational swimmers, a Parents Code of Conduct, a Committee Members and Volunteers Code of Conduct, and a Coaches Code of Conduct, allowing us to maintain the highest levels of training and support.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Aquavison supports Swim England’s commitment to eradicate discrimination of all forms throughout all of its activities. Details of Swim England's commitments in the area of Equality and Diversity can be found on the on the Swim England web site here.

The club follows the Swim England Code of Ethics governing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion including:

  1. Commitment to tackling forms of discrimination and to strive to become inclusive of all those who want to participate in synchronised swimming as athletes, officials, coaches, administrators and volunteers irrespective of their race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, faith and ability.
  2. This statement includes the club’s commitment to address equality, diversity and inclusion in aquatics and for this reason the club will not tolerate:
    1. Discrimination on the grounds set out in 1 above.
    2. Harassment.
    3. Bullying.
    4. Abusive or insensitive language.
    5. Inappropriate behaviour detrimental to any individuals or groups of individuals.
  3. Swim England, British Swimming and all affiliated clubs are governed by UK law and will seek to ensure that its participants are committed to addressing its responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010.
  4. The committee, poolside staff, officials and volunteers within the club will address this responsibility to support equality, diversity and inclusion in our sport.

Privacy Notice

We at the Aquavision Swimming want to make sure all the personal details we hold about you are safe and secure. Please see the attachment of data control policy. If you have any concerns about your data please contact the committee via [email protected].


Aquavision is committed to providing high quality teaching and coaching to our swimmers. If something goes wrong, or you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our provision, please tell us at the earliest opportunity. Please read and follow the complaints procedure to allow resolution.