Membership is open to anyone with an interest in swimming or synchronised swimming. Lessons are available for swimmers who are water confident or looking to pick up basic swimming skills and want to try synchronised swimming.

We have a variety of classes that can teach swimmers of all abilities and will combine swimming skills with synchro skills whilst having fun in the water.

Aquavision Membership

Members of Aquavision are our regular swimmers who actively participate in the Club element of Aquavision.  Members pay an annual subscription fee to the club (which includes membership to the ASA and insurance).

Members also pay a monthly fee depending on their development, skill level and/ or level of attendance.

Members over the age of 16 are entitled to vote at Aquavision’s AGM.  Members under the age of 16 may be represented by their parent/s at the AGM (by proxy) and are entitled to a single vote on their child’s behalf.

To join the club or renew your membership please click here.

Friends of Aquavision

Becoming a Friend of Aquavision allows others to support the charitable work of Aquavision without taking part in swimming activities.  This membership is perfect for friends, family and other supporters of the club and is available as an annual membership fee of £20.00.

Friends of Aquavision support the club through their subscription and their membership will mean that they are kept up-to-date with all Aquavision news and fundraising events through online and paper Newsletters.   Associate members are not full members of the club and so are not be eligible to vote at AGM’s.

To join or renew your Friends of Aquavision membership please click here.