Recreational Swimmers are those that have moved into the Synchronised swimming Section of the club. This means they start to develop more advanced Synchronised swimming skills and they can start progressing towards the Aquavision Synchronised swimming Awards. These awards are split into Bronze, Silver and Gold according to difficulty. The swimmer will also at this stage keep progressing stroke technique in order to start increasing fitness levels. This means that the swimmer can then start to be involved in more interesting routine work, whether this be a team, solo or duet. The volume of training sessions would increase at this level to several per week.

Once a swimmer has achieved all Aquavision Awards they can then move onto the ASA Skill Level Awards. These progress from Skill level 1 – basic skills, through to advanced skill level 5. Alongside these skill levels, swimmers are eligible to compete in various competitions in the Recreational strand (as long as they meet the competition requirements). Training sessions for this level increases to between 4 and 6 sessions a week (depending on age) and includes land work – consisting of core strength training and flexibility – as well as pool sessions. There will be a larger emphasis on fitness both in and out of the water at this stage in order to help with Routine work.

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