Swimming Kit Requirements

When looking to get into swimming for fitness or competing, you will need certain items of kit to help you. Below is a list of kit that may be useful:

A good fitting swimming outfit is a must. For men, trunks or jammers (short like style) are the preferred item. For women, a one piece costume or knee suit is worn. If you are looking to compete, it is important your costume meets FINA requirements. These are available on the FINA website, but in brief can be described as:

  • Men’s swimsuits shall not extend above the navel or below the knee.
  • Women’s swimsuits shall not cover the neck or extend past the shoulders, or below the knee.

You can also look out for this logo on kit:Image result for fina approved logo

For on poolside in between races, a lightweight T-Shirt and shorts or jogging bottoms are ideal. Club branded kit is available, and this can be ordered online once you have logged into your account.

Shoes are also a good idea, but not essential. A dedicated pair of poolside sliders or flip-flops will do!

The second most import kit item! There are many different styles available, but the important thing is that they fit well, are comfortable (during training you could well be wearing them for at least an hour), and stay on in a dive!

Club branded swimming hats are available via the online club shop.

Training Aids
For club sessions, the following is a suggested kit list:

  • Kick board
  • Pull buoy
  • Fins

Optional kit includes items such as hand paddles or drag shorts; please consult with your coach on these items. You can also buy mesh bags or equivalent to carry all of your kit onto poolside. It is essential to bring a drink with you (water / squash / sports drink), as well as any medical aids (e.g. inhalers) that you might need. In the latter case please make sure your coach is aware of any medical condition you may have.

All of these kit items can be purchased on line at a wide variety of outlets.