Swim England

Swim England is the recognised national governing body for swimming in England. From learners to teachers, athletes to coaches, Swim England support people to achieve their best in the water. Its vision is of a nation swimming, and it strives to inspire everyone to enjoy the water in the way that suits them.

Swim England-registered Swimming Clubs can apply for SwimMark accreditation, which is their quality standard for Clubs.  It recognises high standards of governance, sustainability and effectiveness; Banbury Swimming Club is a SwimMark accredited club.  We believe that securing this accreditation has enhanced our club management, strengthened our club structure, and provided a stronger link with other swimming clubs.  SwimMark offers clubs a philosophy and programmes to help ensure the best environment for swimmers; accreditation is reviewed every two years, meaning that the club is continually encouraged to evolve and progress.

As a member of Banbury Swimming Club all swimmers are required to have either Club Train or Club Compete Swim England Membership.  One parent/guardian is also required to have Club Support membership.  When you initially register as a member of the Banbury Swimming Club, you will be charged this membership, our Swim England Membership Secretary will then register you & you should receive and e-mail from Swim England when this is done.   Swim England Membership is then renewed annually in February, again this is organised by our Swim England Membership Secretary, with the costs passed on to you. 

More information about the different Swim England Memberships can be found here: Swim England Membership 


Swim England Fees for 2023

Club Train - £9.50 (National Fees) + £5.00 (Regional Fees) = £14.50

Club Compete - £30 (National Fees) + £6.00 (Regional Fees) = £36

Club Support - £5.50 (National Fees) + £0 (Regional Fees) = £5.50