Joining Banbury Swimming Club 

If you would like to join Banbury Swimming Club please contact our Membership Secretary and they can arrange a trial at one of our weekly training sessions.  When you e-mail please state your swimmer's age and their current level of swimming capability, so that we an ensure a suitable trial is arranged. If you are a Masters swimmer please feel free to contact us in the same way and we will arrange a trial at a suitable session (age details not required!).


By signing up to Banbury Swimming Club you are agreeing in abide by our Club Code of Conduct.  You are also committing to the following:


  • Junior Squad swimmers should aim to attend both sessions each week. 
  • Development & Senior Squad swimmers should aim to attend all four sessions a week, but three sessions a week is a minimum. 


  • Junior, Development & Senior Squad members are all expected to compete in Club Championships. 
  • Junior Squad Swimmers should look to compete in at a Level 4 Open Meet each year.  Development Squad Swimmers are expected to compete in at least 4 Open Meets (Level 4/3) each year. Please ask your coach for more details of events that are suitable for you.

Swim England:

  • From 2023, all swimmers in the Junior, Development & Senior Squads are required to register for Club Compete Swim England Membership. (2023 fees = £36) 
  • Swimmers in the Fitness squad are required to register for Club Train Swim England Membership (2023 fee = £14.50) 
  • Masters Squad swimmers can either register for Club Train or Club Compete Swim England Membership 
  • One parent/guardian is also required to become a member of the club, and as part of this they are required to register for Club Support Swim England Membership.   (2023 fee = £5.50)

Swim England fees are initially charged at registration and then annually in February.