Banbury Swimming Club Guy Fawkes Meet 2023​

Saturday 4th November

Banbury Swimming Club is hosting its first ever Licensed meet.  This is focused on 400m events with 50m sprints inbetween.  This will hopefully allow swimmers to achieve County Qualifing times in these events.  The meet is an Invitation Only event, if you or your club would like to attend please contact the Banbury Chairman

Important Dates

Entries are closed, free withdrawals until: 8pm Friday 20th October 2023

Meet date: 5pm Saturday 4th November 2023


Entries should be submitted via the Gala Organiser site, both individual and club: 

Gala Organiser

Hy-Tek meet entry files

Individual swimmers under 18 should be accompanied by a chaperone poolside, who will need a chaperone (team manager/coach/poolside) pass.


As with all swimming meets it is essential to have Officials in order to run the meet.  We would ask that all clubs provide as many officials as they are able to.  Officials can sign up via swim-meet


We would ask that visiting clubs are accompanied by both coaches and team managers, if possible additional marshals and helpers would be appreciated, volunteers can sign up via swim-meet


Spiceball Leisure Centre has very limited spectator seating, 45 on the balcony.  Spectators are asked to be considerate and only use the balcony when their swimmer is swimming and permit others to view their swimmers.  Spiceball will actively be enforcing the zone limits and may ask spectators to leave the area or building.


Spiceball Leisure Centre has requested that anyone attending should NOT use the Centre's carpark.

Attendees are encouraged to use the alternative parking available under the Lidl Car Park (free after 6pm) or adjacent carparks.

Map of Banbury Carparks

There is a coach park nearby at Compton Road for clubs attending coming by coach.

Photography and Mobile Phones

Spiceball Leisure Centre has a no photography policy and as such the taking of photographs and/or filming (including using mobile phones and tablets) is STRICTLY NOT PERMITTED.

Spiceball leisure Centre has stipulated that Mobile Phones must not be used in the Changing Rooms, Poolside or in the Toilets.

This policy is actively enforced, and all visitors are asked to comply.

Food and Drink

Spiceball has stipulated that no food or drink is taken into or consumed in the pool/changing areas. Competitators and their support are allowed water bottles.

There will be food and drink available in the Cafe, it is a self serve service paid by credit card.  A member of Spiceball staff will be on duty to assist if anyone needs help.

Promotors Desk

The promotors desk will be located in the room beside the turn-stiles.  This will be able to provide information on the event as well as have the forms for withdrawals, protests and complaints.

This will also be the Medals Desk.

Meet Documents

Promotors Conditions     

Meet Update (23/10/2023)

Schedule of Events

Accepted Entries


Rejected Entries - None

Withdrawal Form

Protest Form

Venue Plan for Meet