Meet Programme - Autumn 2023 / Winter 2024

We are putting together a meet calendar for September to February 2024. 

At the moment, we are planning to attend the meets below, however, please note that this is subject to change – sometimes advertised meets don’t go ahead, sometimes they are oversubscribed, and we have to change plans. 

Please talk to the coaches about which meets and events to enter your swimmer(s) for.

Meet Schedule
Date  Meet  Squads/Swimmers 
17/18 March 2024 City of Oxford Raging Bulls L3 Regional Qualifier Junior, Development, Competitive A/B, Performance
22-24 March 2024 Winchester Spring Qualifier L1 2024 - Long Course (Qualifying Times, Conditions) Performance
5-7 April 2024 City of Bristol International Open Meet Minimum Qualifying Times - Provisional Development, Competitive A/B, Performance
13 April 2024 SE Regional Summer Championships - Team Events - Winchester Performance
14 April 2024 Witney - 4 X 50m 8 years + No cut off times, slowest rejected Junior, Development, Competitive A/B
20/21 April 2024 SE Regional Summer Championships Age Group (11/12, 13, 14)   - K2, Crawley Performance
27/28 April 2024 SE Regional Summer Championships Age Group (11/12, 13, 14) - Winchester Performance
3-6 May 2024 SE Regional Summer Championships Youth Group (15,16,17,18+) - Wycombe Performance
19 May2024 Witney - 2 X 100m 8 years + Choice of 4 x 100’s All
30 June2024 Witney 800m or 1500m FC 11 years + Choose one event Development, Competitive A/B, Performance
7 July 2024 Witney 4 x 50m / 100m IM  8 years + No faster than times Junior, Development, Competitive A/B
13 October 2024 Witney 1500m FC 11 years + Development, Competitive A/B, Performance
10 November 2024 Witney 800m FC 11 years + Development, Competitive A/B, Performance

Officials & Volunteers can sign up for our meets here:



These meets will be shown on the Meet Calendar on Team Unify; as we receive the entry information for each meet, we will edit the Meet Calendar so that you can enter online.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Coaches (Emma, Sue, etc.) or the Meet Secretary.