All meets, Licensed, Club Championships, Time Trials or Galas need Officials to be able to be run.  Swim England stipulate the minimum numbers based on the meet level but without the Officials the meets can't take place.  All Officials are volunteers, usually parents and family of swimmers or swimmers themselves.

As a Club we need Officials to run our Club Championships and our Licensed Meets.  We are expected to provide Officials to meets we participate in, often stated in the Promotors Conditions for the meets and our entries can be rejected if we don't.

As it is we are urgently in need of at least 6 more Trainee Officials for our Club Championships in September/October.


Becomming an Official is easy and requires very little commitment of time.

0. Get a voucher for the course from either ONB online form or the club chairman

1. Enroll in an Institute of Swimming Course: Swimming Technical Officials - Judge 1 Theory  Takes about 1 hour online

2. Attend a Meet or Gala and request a Timekeeper Assessment

3. Go to meets with your swimmer and instead of sitting and watching, sign up as an Official and get your competancies signed off
    You have plenty of time, 11 months and it can be completed in about 8-10 swimming sessions
    (most meets have at least 2 per day, so about 3-4 meets)

4. Complete the Free Contemporary Issues course (About 30 min online)

Below is a more detailed guide.

Banbury Swimming Club Guide on Swimming OfficialsAll you need to know about becoming an official 


Banbury Swin Club Meets

Please sign up for officiating at Banbury SC events here: Swim-Meet


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