Equipment list for swimmers starting in Pre-Squad

To help improve children’s progress in Pre-Squad, we ask parents / guardians to provide the following equipment:


Drinks Bottle

Should be able to contain approximately 0.5 to 1 litre, ideally water or weak squash.

Please avoid using throw-away plastic water / sports drink bottles as small bits of plastic can break off and get into the water.



These are used to provide support for swimmers and to help further develop their leg kick.

Look for a good starter level Kick-Board such as the Dolfin Junior Kick Board or similar, avoid larger boards as these can be hard for young children to control and swim with the correct technique.


Pull Buoy

We use these to help support swimmers hips in the water, they can be used for a number of different things but mainly to isolate and develop the arm stroke. As with kick-boards, choose a junior version as these will be easier to control and maintain technique.


Training Fins

Children love using fins during their lessons as they provide greater stability and speed, this allows teachers to introduce more advanced techniques and variety into lessons. Choose short training fins such as the Maru Training Fin instead of longer versions which are primarily used for Scuba Diving.


Mesh Bag

We recommend that children keep their equipment in a mesh bag, these can be brought on to poolside and will help to keep everything together.


The following websites have a large selection of equipment:

Alternatively you can have a look in sports direct, they are usually a bit cheaper but don’t always have everything in stock.


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