Bobcats ADM Child Protection Policy


The purpose of this document is to set out guidance and procedures that outline the responsibilities of staff, swimmers, parents who are members of or associated to those within Bobcats ADM.

This policy runs in accordance with the overall Code of Conduct, issued to every swimmer and signed by swimmers and/or parents (or those with parental responsibility). Bobcats ADM fully endorses and operates in accordance with the ASA Child Protection Policy (Wavelength) and the ASA Code of Ethics, details of which can be found on the ASA website at or by speaking with the Club Welfare Officer (details below).


Bobcats ADM, whilst offering a professional swimming opportunity for all swimmers, takes as its primary concern the safety and wellbeing of all the children and young people who are members of the club.

All members (whether swimmers, parents, staff member), when attending any event or training session or when engaged in any business or activity on behalf of Bobcats ADM have a responsibility to ensure that children are safeguarded and protected from any risk of harm and that any such risks, once identified should be reported to the Club Welfare Officer, or steps taken in accordance with the ASA Child Protection Policy.

The club undertakes to ensure that all staff, poolside helpers, volunteers and committee members are CRB checked.

The Club has a Welfare Officer who is available to discuss issues or concerns in a confidential manner, but will always have as their concern the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. The Welfare Officer has a duty to report any concerns brought to their attention in accordance with the ASA Child Protection Policy

Additional Sources of Information

Club Welfare Officer - Robyn Holding - [email protected]

SENW welfare officer - Beverley Raistrick - [email protected]

County welfare officer - Brian Boyle - [email protected]

ASA Website – Or Tel- 01509 221 350

ASA Swim Line – Tel – 0808 100 4001

NSPCC – Child Protection Line ( or Tel – 0808 800 5000

Kidscape – Tel – 020 730 3300

ASA Safeguarding Policy

Updated Safeguarding Policy 2023