Code of Conduct for Members

As a squad, we are affiliated to the Amateur Swimming Association and as such, we are expected to conduct our activities within the rules of the Association. The rules include the ASA Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics and an Equity Policy. Full copies of these documents can be obtained from the ASA Web Site (

The squad presents the following as a summary of the ‘Code of Conduct’ which we ask our members to follow. This code is not presented as an all-inclusive list, but as one which highlights some of the major areas as a guideline. The code is broken down into a number of categories and while as a member/volunteer you may fit into one main category, in certain instances your role may change and you will find yourself fitting into another category. We ask that all members/volunteers read each category as carefully as possible so that you know what is expected of yourself and others around you. The code follows the guidelines from the ASA Wavepower (

Code of Conduct for Swimmers:

Code of Conduct for Swimmers 2017

Code of Conduct for Parents:

Code of Conduct for Parents 2017