ASA Equity Policy 2017

Anti Doping Policy

The use of performance enhancing drugs is cheating. They are associated with serious medical complications and above all their use is illegal. Some of our members suffer from asthma and whilst the majority of drugs used in the treatment of asthma are perfectly legal, they are only legal when taken by inhaler. All swimmers who have asthma must declare their use of inhalers with the ASA.

Burnley Bobcats ADM Anti-Doping Policy is posted on the club’s website to ensure that members can refer to it as and when required. New members have all club policies and procedures and their availability on the club website drawn to their attention on joining the club.

Doping, along with medical and nutritional issues are discussed with members during reviews of their objectives with the group coaches. Members should be aware of the Anti-Doping Laws adopted by British Swimming in February 2006. The Laws were introduced in order to preserve the integrity of swimmers and values of fair play. They are also in place to protect the rights and health of swimmers and as such apply to all members of Burnley Bobcats ADM. British Swimming Anti-Doping Rules can be viewed here

All members of the club should be aware of the following:

  • It is each swimmer’s personal duty to ensure that no prohibited substance enters his/her body.

  • Swimmers are responsible for any prohibited substance, its metabolites or markers found to be present in their bodily specimens – so take responsibility for what you ingest and use.

  • Ensure each person from whom you take advice (including medical personnel) is acquainted with the provisions of the Anti Doping Laws (including any subsequent amendments).

  • Ensure any medical treatment does not infringe the Anti-Doping Laws. To view a copy of the current prohibited substance list, swimmers can log onto the World Anti-Doping Agency website here and uk sport here for further information.