Steve Dicken

Bobcats have now released their new range of team wear. Please look out for an email complete with the team wear brochure and order form. Orders can be placed at the upcoming Club Champs as well. Get your order in now in time for Christmas!!

Steve Dicken

Bobcats will be releasing details of the New Swim Kit very soon. Look out for Facebook post on the Bobcats closed group and here on the Burnley Bobcats website!

Andrew Clayton

Micro league pay a visit to Blackool Wake park.

Tim Varley

Live results of our March 2022 gala are available onlline

Iain Hazell

BOBCATS were competing for the second time this year at Kendal in the final round of the 2021 North West Arena League. It’s been great to get back into team racing and seeing BOBCATS swimmers of all ages getting to know and support each other. For the final round we were competing against the top 5 teams in the division, these were: Altrincham, Copeland, Fleetwood, Kendal and Ramsbottom. It’s fair to say that all the other clubs fielded their strongest swimmers in each / multiple events, including drafting in some...