Bobcats Return to Racing Meet Report 16th / 17th October 2021

Iain Hazell

After the previous 18 months it was great to see a team of 41 swimmers competing at the Bobcats Return to Racing Meet. Although the format was slightly different to normal, I thought everyone coped well with the changes and worked hard to apply what they have been practicing in training.

The aim of the Return to Racing meet was to offer a full weekend programme of events which was as close to normal as possible. Having not competed in a full weekend programme since March 2020 it’s fair to say it will have been a shock to the system.

I’m hoping over the next few competitions we can improve how we physically and mentally prepare on race days, this includes more advance planning, goal setting, nutrition and pre-race warmups.

We have been busy organising the return to training and Bobcats meet over the past few months but should now be able to provide more support in the above areas and will hopefully have information to send out in the next few weeks.

The following swimmers were representing Bobcats for the first time:

Jamie Ball, Thomas Binns, Lucy Charlesworth, Hal Shuttleworth, Niamh Whitaker, Owen Wilson

It was great to see you race and I hope you all enjoy being members of the Bobcats team.

The standard of racing at this year’s Bobcats meet was the highest it has ever been, and I hope this will continue moving forwards. It was therefore an amazing achievement for our swimmers to achieve a total of 40 medals.

Gold Medalists:

Lucy Turner (3), Caitlin Wilson (2), Hattie Varley.

Silver Medalists:

Jamie Clayton (2), Lucy Turner (2), Caitlin Wilson (2), Owen Wilson (2), Thomas Binns, Spencer Cragg, Eleanor Edwards, Henry Holding, Hattie Varley, Mia Wroe.

Bronze Medalists:

Spencer Cragg (3), Henry Holding (3), Caitlin Wilson (3), Ben Cook (2), Lydia Dewhurst (2), Lucy Turner (2), Hattie Varley (2), Jasmine Bullough-Teal, Jamie Clayton, Georgia Eccles, Eleanor Edwards, Madeline Smith, Mia Wroe.

Congratulations to all the above medalists, and I hope we can increase our medal total at the next Bobcats meet in March 2022.

I’m not referencing swimmers’ times / personal bests until we get to the target meets at the end of the current training cycle, between now and then it’s more important for swimmers to continue to learn – improving how they train and race. As I’m sure many of you will already know, keeping the focus on the process ahead of the end result is a key skill that all athletes need to develop.

Overall, a great start to the season, lets continue to work hard and improve for the competitions in November.