Competitions are valuable learning opportunites, allowing athletes to test new skills developed in practice and to highlight potential areas for improvement.

Using competitions to learn means that each event you take part in becomes another step towards achieving your goals. Throughout each season we offer a full programme of competition appropriate to athletes ability and stage of development.


BOBCATS 2022/2023 Competition Calendar

BOBCATS 2023/2024 Competition Calendar


Please check regularly as the **calendar is subject to change** and will be updated when further information is available.

Not sure which events are suitable, details for each squad can be found below:


Senior Performance Squad

Junior Performance Squad

Senior Speed

Development Squad


Entry packs will be sent to parents / guardians via email, if you have any competition enquiries please contact us at: [email protected]

Confused about competitions and want to understand more? check out our information section.


League Fixtures

Arena League matches are included on the calendar, we have separate Friendly League and Micro League sections which include dates of upcoming fixtures.