Level - Adult fitness swimming to National and International Masters Competitions.

Masters swimming offers an excellent opportunity for structured training and competition for adult swimmers aged 18 and over.

The masters squad at Barnet Copthall is one of the most successful of its type in country with a number of national, European and World record holders and champions amongst its members.

The masters section of the club was first formed in 1985 and is based at Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre in Hendon, north London. Over 80 registered members normally train in the eight lane 25m competition pool at the new complex with masters-only training sessions held six times a week.

In addition to the training organised by the Barnet Training Scheme (GLL), Barnet Copthall is also the only masters club in the UK to hold three separate competitions each year. These events allow those taking part to compete over the full range of the distances from 50m to 1500m.

The Masters programme consists of competent adult swimmers aged from about 18 years of age and older.

There is no upper age limit but swimmers must be able to swim well on at least three different strokes. Initially, speed is not paramount but the aim of the group is to develop a competitively minded group of swimmers by way of structured professional coaching.

Swimmers are organised into lanes by ability rather than age or sex. There are opportunities to learn new water skills with a view to competitive stroke improvement, starts, turns and drills. Additional specific training is available for regular competitors. There is no minimum number of sessions but obviously, regular attendance will lead to improved fitness, endurance and speed.

Our competitive swimmers are among the best in the country with a number of National, European and World record holders and International medallists in the team. They are encouraged to take part at Masters competitions some hosted by BCSC as well as other Open Meets, District, National and International competitions. The atmosphere is friendly and inclusive.

Furthermore, successfully competing at National and International level, we have a growing number of open water swimmers including several who have made successful crossings of the English Channel and other ocean swims around the world.