No club can exist without the support of parents and volunteers who play a key role promoting and assisting with the running of the club, officiating and helping to run our competitions.

We undertake a number of fund raising events to offer assistance with training camps, competitions and our Swimmer Assistance Programme, which supports high level swimmers from low income families.

However, we could always use further assistance to help with the smooth running of our competitions and additional funding to offer even better facilities to help our swimmers develop their full potential.

Below is an example of the number of volunteers required for swim meets.

Principal Referee/Referees/Judge/TK Judge - are all positions that require qualifications.

All of the other positions do not require a qualification

All are voluntary and do not get paid

In addition to the below we also require Team Managers for assistance with the swimmers.  Team Managers are required to complete Safeguarding Training, Team Manager Training and hold a current DBS check with Swim England.