1.  Will complete and return the medical information form as requested by the organisation or pool operator and provide details of any health conditions/concerns relevant to your child on the medical form.  Will report any changes in the state of my child’s health to the coach prior to training sessions or events.  Will ensure that the organisation or pool operator has up to date emergency contact details for the child.


2.  Will deliver your child to and from the pool and poolside safely, on time for the training sessions and competitions and either remain in the building at all times during the training sessions or competitions or arrange for another person to be guardian of your child during these times.  No child is to be left at the pool for competitions or training without a responsible adult being present.


3.  Will ensure that the child is properly dressed and attired for the activity that they are to be completing this includes hats, goggles, etc.


4.  Will inform the coach/team manager/chaperone prior to the session/competition/activity if the child has to leave early.


5.  Will encourage the child to obey the rules and teach them that they can only do their best.


6.  Will behave responsibly as a spectator during training/events and treat members, coaches, committee members and other parents of members of both my child’s organisation and any other organisation with due respect, in accordance with Swim Englands commitment to equality and diversity.


7.  Will not use inappropriate language within the organisation environment.


8.  Will show appreciation and support my child and all the team members.


9.  Will ensure that my child’s needs are met in terms of nutrition and listen to any advice from coaching staff.


10.  Will support the coach and committee appropriately and raise any concerns you may have in an appropriate manner to the welfare officer.


11.  Will not enter poolside unless requested to do so or in any emergency.


12.  If you wish to talk to the coach this needs to be done prior to the session, if the coach is working before the session your child is attending then you may ask the coach if you can talk to them during the warm up of the session which may be possible.  Do not attempt to talk to the coaching staff after the session as they have finished work.  Alternatively the Chief Coach is available every week day between 4.30pm and 5.15pm at the pool or you can email the Chief Coach.