Entrance Criteria

Swimmer must be completing a minimum of 5 sessions per week before being promoted to this group.

Swimmer must make a minimum of 2 of the JAG to Age Group Qualifying times to be promoted.

Selection will also be based on the following.

Age, technical ability, attitude, psychological maturity, attendance, work ethic, commitment to the programme, long term potential, parental commitment and full support of the Barnet Copthall programme including assisting with BCSC events, ability to fit into the age group squad physically and socially and ability to work with the age group coach.

Group Description

The aims of this squad are to produce swimmers with the technical ability and the aerobic background to advance to senior level competitive swimming.  Swimmers will be expected to reach the minimum performance standards set out below each year.  The minimum amount of sessions will be 7 sessions per week for 11 yr olds at next Nationals and 8 sessions per week for 12 yrs and older at next Nationals, sprinters may be given a different set number of sessions to attend, 10 yr olds at next Nationals will be given a set amount of sessions to do by the age group coach.   In the event of a number of swimmers failing to make the performance standards for this group, the older swimmers will be removed from the group first giving the younger swimmers more time to achieve the standard.

Swimmers may only remain in this group until 1 August of the year that they turn 13yrs of age. Boys may be allowed to stay in the group for a longer amount of time if they are close to the criteria and are deemed talented enough to make it to Senior group but are not yet experienced or mature enough to go to Seniors.  All ages are as at 31 December.


The swimmers must maintain the below performance standards along with the minimum attendance standards.

% of National Qualifying Times 2011 required to remain in the group

AGE                       BY 1 FEB              BY 1 JUN

11                          10%                       5%

12                          8%                         4%

13                          4%                         Top 30 British Ranking

14 (Boys)               2%                         (24 in 800/1500)

                                                            In qualification window for promotion

                                                            To senior squad plus training criteria.


By accepting your position in the group you are agreeing to all of the above criteria.


Coach to Swimmer ratio    1:32


SEP 18