Regional Development Group


Entry criteria         

At least one Qualifying time from the Age Group Entry Times and completing minimum attendance in previous group.

The aims of this squad are to produce swimmers with the technical ability and the aerobic background to advance to Senior National/International level competitive swimming.  The year will be divided into training cycles based around County, Regional and Summer National Competitions.

This group is a performance group based on Regional to National level performance and therefore requires a high level of commitment.  Swimmers will be expected to reach the minimum performance and attendance standards set each year in order to remain in the group.  In the event of a number of swimmers failing to make the required performance standards for this group, the older swimmers will be moved to a more suitable group first giving the younger swimmers more time to achieve the standard.


Minimum attendance percentages are below but it is advised you attend all of the sessions so that you receive the full training programme.

11 & Under           82%             average of 6.5 sessions out of 8 available.

12 & Over             93%             average of 7.5 sessions out of 8 available.

Sprinters – attendance set after consultation with Chief Coach.


You can check attendance percentages though the On Deck App.


Maximum Ages                          Females may stay in the group until Dec of the year they turn 13 yrs.

                                                    Males may stay in the group until Sep of the year they turn 14 yrs.


Performance Standards           Performance standards must be met in order to remain in the group. (See Age Performance Standard Sheet)


All ages are based on what age you will be on 31 Dec that year.


By choosing to accept a place in the group you are agreeing to all of the above criteria.  We have other groups available if you do not wish to make the above criteria.

Coach to Swimmer ratio    1:32

AUG 21