Barnet Copthall Swimming Club work in partnership with GLL/Better


GLL/Better run and have total responsibility for all of the training sessions that happen within their facilities.  GLL rules apply for all training sessions as the swimmers are attending as part of the GLL Training Scheme (GLL Lessons) and not part of Barnet Copthall Swimming Club.


Barnet Copthall Swimming Club have responsibility for all Swim Meets, Training Camps and any other activities that occur outside of training sessions. The swimming club do not hire the pool for any training sessions and are not responsible for normal training sessions at Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre.






1.                To provide members of the Barnet Training Scheme with the opportunity to train and compete to the highest level in swimming, synchronised swimming and diving.


2.         To organise and provide training facilities and a competitive programme for the complete range of abilities.


3.         To provide the opportunity to learn sportsmanship, responsibility, dedication, self discipline and team participation.




1.               All members of the Barnet Training Scheme will automatically become members of the Barnet Copthall Swimming Club (BCSC) which will enable competitive participation. Swimmers must adhere to the rules and the code of conduct of the scheme/club and Swim England at all times (copies of the rules and code of conduct can be found on the club website).  By paying the monthly fees you agree to abide by all the rules and conditions of both the Club and Training Scheme.  Personal information stored will be shared between the Training Scheme (GLL) and the Club (Barnet Copthall Swimming Club).


2.               One parent/guardian of any member under the age of 16 years of age will automatically become an associate member of BCSC.


3.         All members must adhere to the payment conditions laid down by Greenwich Leisure Ltd (GLL).  Failure to do so may result in exclusion from the scheme.


4.         GLL reserve the right to alter the training programme as a result of pool closures or malfunctions, events, holiday periods and lack of attendance.


5.               Resignation or withdrawal from the training scheme must be received in writing.  Fees are due until written notification is received.


6.               Any change of address, contact details, next of kin or changes in medical conditions must be notified in writing to GLL immediately.


7.               Payment is due in the first week of each month at the Cash Desk at Barnet Copthall Pools.  Payment can also be made by direct debit.


8.               The payment is based on a yearly fee spread over twelve monthly payments (Based on 46 weeks training/ year).  This payment cannot be waived except at the discretion of the Chief Coach.  Payments may be waived due to illness or injury of more than one calendar month on production of a Doctors letter or Medical Certificate.


9.               Swimmers who attend University or Boarding Schools and who only attend training during the School holiday periods will be liable for 30% of the total monthly fee.  In order to swim in one of the main groups swimmers must compete for Barnet Copthall Swimming Club at either the Middlesex County Championships or the London Region Championships each year. Acceptance on these terms will be at the discretion of the Chief Coach.


10.            Discounts for family members will include all sections of the Training Scheme.  There will be full payment for the highest paying group member with a 50% discount for all other family members.




1.               Members of the Training Scheme are expected to represent GLL, The London Borough of Barnet or BCSC when requested to do so.


2.               Permission must be sought from the Chief Coach to attend any competition that is not part of the competition programme outlined by the Chief Coach in the yearly plan.


3.               Acceptance to the training scheme is based on age and ability relevant to the current standards of the Swimming Training Scheme and the availability of places.  All acceptances are at the discretion of the Chief Coach.  Athletes with a disability may be incorporated into the scheme within a group which is suitable for their physical needs but not necessarily there age, these athletes must make the minimum attendance for the group.


4.               Where deemed necessary by the Chief Coach swimmers must train solely with the Barnet Training Scheme.


5.               Members are expected to meet the minimum attendance requirements and performance standards for their allocated squad, failure to do so may result in moving to a more suitable squad.


6.               The coaching staff are responsible for the swimmers within the training scheme from the time they arrive on poolside at the start of their allocated session to the end of the allocated session.  It is the parent’s responsibility to get the swimmers to and from the poolside safely.  Parents of swimmers aged 18 years and younger should remain in the building whilst their child is swimming.


7.               In the event of a child under the age of 18 years of age being unable to complete a training session they will be returned to their parent who should be in the building.  If a parent is not present in the building they will be contacted on an emergency contact number, if the parent cannot be contacted it may be necessary for the Local Authority Child Services to be contacted in order to assist with the child.


8.               All members of the training scheme must arrive on poolside 10 min early for pre exercise mobility exercises.


9.               All members of the scheme must wear appropriate dress for the activity that they are involved in.  Pool work must be conducted in swimming trunks for males and a one-piece swimming costume for females.  No shorts or bikinis are allowed.  All costumes must be decent.  Land work must be conducted in shorts, T-shirts and trainers.


10.            Health and safety of the members of the scheme is a priority and all members must conduct themselves properly during their time in the building.  Failure to conduct themselves properly may mean temporary or permanent exclusion from the scheme for the safety of others.


11.            It may be necessary for members who have made the promotion criteria for the next group to wait until a space is available.  In the event of spaces being available in the next group and no swimmers making the published entrance criteria, swimmers may be promoted if they have shown the ability to cope with the sessions and workload in the next group despite not making the performance criteria.  It is imperative that each swimmer being promoted has shown they are physically and emotionally ready for the increase in sessions and workload prior to being promoted.


12.            Promotions from group to group will be determined by the Chief Coach based on the squad written guidelines.  However, in exceptional circumstances the Chief Coach may decide to promote a swimmer who has not yet met the required standard for the next group if the Coach feels that the swimmer has the talent to adapt to the increase in workload and sessions or it is felt that the swimmer has come into the sport late and does not meet the age criteria for promotion but is progressing quickly enough to catch up with his/her peer group.


13.            All members including parents must comply with any reasonable request/instruction made by GLL staff.


14.            In the event of injury, illness or exam periods preventing a swimmer from completing the prescribed sessions within their normal squad, the swimmer will only be allowed to train with club squad.  For injuries the Chief Coach will prescribe a rehabilitation programme specific for their needs.


15.            The training scheme coaches are authorised to take video footage and photographs of any swimmer within the training scheme or Club for the purpose of technique analysis and for publicity use for GLL and for Barnet Copthall Swimming Club.  If you do not wish any images of your child to be used you must notify GLL and the Swimming Club in writing.

From time to time press and television companies may also attend training sessions and are authorised to use the footage/images for publicity for the scheme/club.   


16.            The training scheme coaches are authorised to weigh the swimmers at regular intervals in order to ensure that they are physically coping with the training demands.


17.            Swimmers who are late to training sessions and have missed the warm up may not be allowed to train that day for health and safety reasons, this will be at the discretion of the coach.


18.            Payments for the training scheme do not include free public swimming.  If anyone wishes to swim in a public session they have to pay at the front desk.


19.            Exceptions to any of the rules and guidelines are solely at the discretion of the Chief Coach


20.            All ages are calculated as age as at 31 December in that year.  (e.g all swimmers that are born in 2000 will be classed as 15 yrs of age on 1 Jan 2015)