Early Competitive Group


Entrance Criteria             

The swimmer must have been promoted from the Stage 7 of GLL Swim School.                                       


The swimmer must be capable of swimming 100 metres each of Backstroke, Breast Stroke and Freestyle with reasonably good technique, they must be capable of swimming 800 metres continuously with a mixture of strokes and they must be capable of doing a forward somersault in the water.  

The first of the coaching scheme groups introducing stroke technique skills, watermanship exercises and basic training methods.  Swimmers are expected to swim at least one session per week but will need to be attending at least two sessions per week in order to be promoted to the next group.  Swimmers will be taught competitive Backstroke, Breast Stroke, Freestyle and Butterfly.  The associated starts, turns and finishes on each stroke will be taught on Saturday morning when we have 30 mins extra for the session.  

Group Ages                    

Dolphins A                      10 years and Under

Dolphins B                      11 yrs and Older


Promotion to Sharks       

Females -     Prior to September of the year they turn 10 yrs.

Males -         Prior to December of the year they turn 10 yrs.

Older swimmers moved to Junior Club B


All ages are based on what age you will be on 31 Dec that year.



By accepting your position in the group you are agreeing to the above criteria.

Coach to Swimmer ratio     1:36


JUN 22