Junior Club

Entrance Criteria

Swimmers must be above the level of Dolphins squad in order to be promoted to this group (approx NTP Stage 10)


Senior Club

Entrance Criteria                

Swimmers must be at or above the level of JAG squad in order to be in this group.


Skill acquisition and socially orientated squads, catering for swimmers who wish to be involved in a structured training programme to cater for fitness, recreational or competition and who are unable to make the level of commitment or competition standard required for one of the other groups in the Training Scheme.  Swimmers that are completing GCSE PE, A Level PE and Duke of Edinburgh Awards and also disability swimmers may also find this group suitable for their needs.   Competition is voluntary in this group and swimmers are not required to make a minimum attendance criteria although it will be in their best interests to keep up a regular attendance in order to continue to improve.  Swimmers will be taught stroke mechanics, starts, turns and finishes and will be required to complete sprint and endurance sets in order to work the separate energy systems.  There are three sessions per week available in Senior Club and three sessions available per week in Junior Club.


Coach to Swimmer ratio     1:45