Entrance Criteria

The swimmer must be training an average of 3 sessions per week before being promoted to this group.

The swimmer must be competing at Time trials and minor competitions.

The swimmer must be capable of swimming a 200 IM legally to ASA laws.

The swimmers will be selected for promotion to this group based on age, competition performance, attendance, training ability, talent, technical ability, attitude and parental commitment to the scheme/club.

Group Description

This is a transition group concentrating on the technique of the four strokes to improve co-ordination and aerobic endurance.  Swimmers will be prepared for County Age Groups and smaller open meets, interclub galas and club championships which they will be expected to compete in.

All promotions are done where possible on times from licensed competitions.  All licensed times are on the British Swimming website/Rankings/Event rankings last 12 months, you then put in the event details, and the swimmers times and rankings will come up.  If you then click on the swimmers name all of the current PBs (personal bests) will come up.  This will help you fill out gala forms in future.  Events looked at for promotion will include 400 free, 200 IM, and either 50s or 100s of the 4 strokes.  A willingness to compete in the 200s of the 4 strokes will also be looked at first.


Females may stay in the group until 31 Dec of the year they turn 10 yrs.

Males may stay in this group until 1 Sep of the year they turn 11 yrs.

Minimum attendances               

8 years                             3 sessions/week

9 years                             3 but advised 4 sessions/week

10/over years                   4 but advised 5 sessions/week

11 years                           5 sessions


All ages are based on what age you will be on 31 Dec that year.


By accepting your position in the group you are agreeing to the above criteria.

Coach to Swimmer ratio   1:36


SEP 18