National Development/International Group


Entry Criteria                  

Must have completed the recommended amount of sessions in Age Group and achieved the July performance standards.

Be Physically mature enough to complete a Senior Programme.

Ongoing criteria              

Performance standards must be met in order to remain in the group. (See Senior Performance Standards)

Senior International Representation at World Level i.e Commonwealth Games, World Championships, Olympic Games.


The aims of this squad are to coach swimmers to National and International level competitions.  The training year will be based around these competitions.  This will require a high level of commitment by the swimmer to the programme set by the Chief Coach; attendance will be set on an individual basis depending on age, sex and event.  The group will be divided into smaller training groups in order to cater for the individual needs of the swimmer.  All swimmers in this group must be able to train off senior swim/rest times on Freestyle, Main Stroke, Individual Medley and Kick.   Swimmers that have been selected to swim internationally at Senior level for a country other than Great Britain will be given a place in the group as long as they show full commitment to the programme, meet the above criteria and continue to improve on a yearly basis.  In the event of a number of swimmers failing to make the performance standards for this group, the older swimmers will be removed from the group first giving the younger swimmers more time to achieve the standard.


By choosing to accept a place in the group you are agreeing to all of the above criteria.  We have other groups available if you do not wish to make the above criteria.


Coach to Swimmer ratio   1:24


JUN 22