A Rough Guide To Competitive Swimming.

What When


Club Championship


November, over 10s compete for cups


Club Graham Cutting Memorial Gala


July, 50 metre all events


Cotswold Series


Regional league based team competition over four rounds (January-March)
Clubs from South West & Wales
Age 9 and above


Inter-club gala


Organised by Bath Dolphin or other swimming clubs
Normally age 9 and above (can vary)


Somerset County ASA Championships and Age Groups/Youths


Three weekends in January/February.
Events from 50 to 1500 metres. Points scored up to age 13 Girls/14 Boys
Age 9 and above


Alkmaar DAW


Bath is twinned with Alkmaar and Bath Dolphin swims against DAW one year in Bath and the next year in Alkmaar with a one year break after this. More details can be found here.


Bryanston Development Camp


A week in August of swimming coaching, other activities and lots of fun with youngsters across the region at Bryanston School Dorset

We often host events (as we have a reasonable pool) so don’t have to travel but most non-club events will be somewhere else in the South West, often at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre near Weston-super-Mare. If it is a team event then we put on a coach and ask that all the swimmers travel together. Sometimes there is room for parents, but even if not we encourage as many parents as possible to come and support the team. If it is not a team event then we ask that parents take their children to the events.