Bath Dolphin Swimming Club no longer offers a learn-to-swim program so for non-swimmers, or those who can swim less than a few hundred metres, we recommend parents seek out our recommended swim schools in and around Bath: Splashers, Barracuda & the Sports Centre itself.


Bath Dolphin Swimming Club is committed to Swim England's equality vision, that swimmers should have the opportunity to reach their potential.

For new swimmers joining the club it is important that they are placed in a squad which matches their ability. For this reason, all aspiring club members are given a brief assessment before joining the club.

Regular assessments are held at Bath Sports & Leisure Centre and will be arranged when there is space in the squad(s). To arrange an assessment please complete the form here.

When the squads are close to maximum size, trials may not be run on a regular basis. If you register your interest with us, we will keep you updated when trial dates are set.


Entry to the squad is via a trial with swimmers usually joining around the age of nine once their learn-to-swim journey is complete. Squad swimmers are trained by or under the supervision of Swim England qualified coaches, directed by the Head Coach, Tegan Carpenter-George. The club offers both Junior & Senior Squad options based on age and capability. Session days and times are dependent upon which squad the swimmer is a member of.

Members of the squad are expected to compete in the galas for which they qualify or are selected. This could include the Club Championships, the County Championships, National Swimming League and Junior Leagues. Optional opportunities will also be offered, such as competing in open meets.


The club also has a growing number of masters swimmers who train under a Swim England qualified coach, Paul Sartain. Some masters participate for fitness and fun, others train and take part in competitions around the UK. There will be a lane suitable for whatever you want out of your swimming.