Summer Round Up | Meeting Adam Peaty and the Summer Skills Camp

Jarrah Hemmant

Adam Peaty's Swim Clinic

Alice and Jessie

Adam Peaty's training clinic held at Bath Sports Centre was an amazing and insightful day. We had three sessions, looking at different aspects of swimming technique and training.  One of the sessions was looking at the mental side of racing. Olympian and World Championship medallist Tim Shuttleworth took us through different techniques for calming nerves and visualising the race, helping us have a mental edge in competition. 

Another session, taken by Rob Norman, Adam Peaty's gym coach, focused on fitness land training specifically for swimmers. The gym session started off by going through different exercises ranging from arm to leg workouts. Many were working key muscles for breaststroke and diving.

The pool session was split into two groups, one with Adam Peaty and the other with British champion, Ed Baxter. With Adam, the group picked apart breaststroke, working on both arm and leg technique. With Ed we looked at breaststroke pullout, breaking it down into different parts. 

To end the day there was a question and answer session with Adam Peaty during which he talked about how he stays motivated and gets himself ready for races.



South West Swim Skills Camp 2019

Phoebe, Ella and Lily

This summer holidays 3 of us headed off to Bryanston School for a fantastic week at the South West swim skills camp. 

When we arrived, we got taken to our dorms in the main house.  The rooms are spacious and comfy, even if we did get them quite messy sometimes and when we left, they ended up smelling of chlorine! 

We were then split into groups of similarly paced swimmers.  Each group has its own set of coaches who were all outstanding.  They helped us all through the week, as well as teaching us life skills, swimming techniques and giving us each something to work on.

A typical day consists of 2 pool sessions, one land training session followed by evening activities and lectures.  This year James Guy, Olympic medallist, spent two days with us, fresh from winning team gold at the World Championships.  He coached each group for two pool sessions and gave us a really inspiring talk about the highs and lows of being an elite swimmer.  His hints and tips have really made a difference (though it is sad to discover that we shouldn’t scoff bags of sweets before racing)!  We also had a lecture from a PhD sports scientist who taught us all about mental toughness which has changed the way we think.

During free time you can go to the café or spend time in the dorms or games room although we were recommended to have a nap as the week was very tiring! The food is brilliant and we were given plenty of choice.  We even had a toaster outside our dorm so at night we could have some toast and jam before bed. 

The best thing about Bryanston was that they made everything great fun and we met so many nice new friends.  We also all improved our 200m IM times, proving that all the work and tips have really made a difference.  All we need to do now is make sure we can save up enough money to go again next year!

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