Round Three of the Cotswold League

Jarrah Hemmant

Round 3 of the Cotswold League took place Saturday 7th March at Monmouth and what a fantastic result from the team with 3 out of 3 wins so far! With a tense start, we came from behind to smash the relays and win Round 3. 

Ollie Smith, one of the Captains of BDSC, has written up his report of the day below: 

“As members from the junior and senior squad boarded the coach to head to the third round of the Cotswold League it was clear that everyone was ready to get another win for the club. Despite being a little drowsy after the hour and a quarter bus journey, spirits soon rose back up and we ran in to investigate the pool. Upon walking onto poolside something caught everyone’s eyes. A set of 6 blocks that looked slightly suspicious greeted us and posed the challenge of how on Earth we were meant to dive properly. To describe them briefly, the blocks were a rectangle of what appeared to be concrete surrounded by blue and green tiles.

Despite the ‘interesting’ block situation the team managed to clinch the win in the final races thanks to some excellent swimming by the relay teams and as we left the building it was clear that we had proven up to the challenge and had secured a major win for the club.”

All results can be found here >

A massive well done to all the swimmers involved. Bring on Round 4 at Dursley on the 28th March!