April Home Exercise Medley Challenge Results

Jarrah Hemmant

While the lockdown has prevented our swimmers from getting in the pool, it certainly doesn't mean they've cut down on their exercise regime! Our fantastic coach Paul Sartain has been providing our Dolphins with an exercise regime for them to do at home. They've been recording their progress for 6 weeks, and competing with each other to be top of the leaderboard. 

Congratulations to all those that took part - irrespective if you entered your weekly numbers or not.  There's been some quite interesting movements in the rankings over this week and you can see the final results as they stand at the end of April. 

One of our Swim Captains, Darcy Gresham (pictured) ... quite frankly smashed it! ... on the 2 overall categories, press ups & stand up sally squats.

A close competition ensued between Phoebe Olesen and Sophie Jean Haldenby for 2nd & 3rd postion on the press ups.

Emily & Sophie Jones cemented their postion in the plank, with Sophie Jane & Phoebe continuing their close tussle over the weeks for 3rd place. 

Vicky Williams needs a new pair of running shoes after a streets ahead performance on the running, however, she beat her coach on the press ups ..... revenge will be sweet when training restarts!

Gregg Wyber possibly needs to sit on a soft cushion for a while after winning the cycling and there are some interesting family battles between mum, dad, and daughter on each of the categories!

Certificates have been designed for the winners of each category by Natalie Bedford (SAMs squad and our own local artist in residence) and will be duly signed by Club President, and Chairman and presented after the lockdown.

While the lockdown continues we will keep running the Medley Challenges, so keep an eye out for May's results!