May Home Exercise Medley Challenge Results

Jarrah Hemmant

Another month goes by and our swimmers have been blasting through these home exercise medley challenges. The results are in for May and what a cracker it turned out to be!  There was some really close competition in most of the categories.


Congratulations to everybody that took part and thanks again to Paul Sartain for organising. 

The “iron lady” for May is Sophie Jean Haldenby (pictured), Junior Squad, who came first in 5 of the categories - Overall with Running, Overall with Cycling, Protracted Plank Walks, Tuck into Streamline, Ski Jumps -  and a 2nd place in the running. Well done Sophie! 

Quoting Olympic medallist and BBC swimming commentator Andy Jameson “the outside lane smoker” was Ophelia Hawkins, Senior Squad,  who came 2nd in the Overall with Running, and Tuck into Streamline categories, 1st in the Y T W holds, and 3rd in the Protracted Plank Walks.

Emily & Sophie Jones, Phoebe Olesen, (all Senior Squad) continued their consistency of being in the leading pack in all but one of the categories.

A particular mention must also go to Annabelle Hicks who during the April Home Exercise Medley Challenge was normally mid table, achieved 2nd in the Ski Jumps, 3rd place in the Tuck into Streamline, and 3 x 4th places.

Certificates will be issued in due course for those in top 3 placings.

We're looking forward to seeing how the leaderboard is going to look in June! Once again, many thanks and well done to everyone that took part.