These are the historic fastest times registered by Bourne End Swimming Club swimmers in Licensed meets (as of 5 February 2020).

Any swimmer, who wishes to claim a new record, needs to submit their time, date and level of meet to the Club Chair  [email protected]   The time will then be verified against Swim England rankings. These conditions apply:

1) All times must be from Licensed Meets.
2) Short course times are only from Meets held in a 25m pool.
3) Long course times are only from Meets held in 50m pool, over the full 50m length.
4) Age categories are 2 year bands, which exist until the day before each birthday  - for example a 16 years old and under record may be taken by a swimmer up to the day before their 17th birthday.
Listen to your coach, train hard, take your opportunities - good luck!