Squad Fees


Registration and Joining

Details of our fees per squad are in the table below.  These are to be paid by standing order on a monthly basis, with payment to be arranged to start on the first of the month after joining.  Fees for the month of joining should be paid as a one-off payment on a pro-rata basis.

We are part of Bourne End Junior Sports Club (BEJSC) and you need to complete the BEJSC registration form. The annual BEJSC membership fee is paid as part of your monthly subscription.   


Fees as at 1 January 2021


Monthly Fees

Competition 3


Competition 2


Competition 1


Development 2


Development 1+


Development 1







As well as joining BEJSC you need to be registered with Swim England.  This also incurs an annual charge to be paid as a one-off payment at time of joining, then on an annual basis in January.  This is managed by the Club and you will receive notice for the payment of this fee. 



Welcome Pack

Codes of Conduct: Wycombe Leisure Centre; Wycombe Abbey; Team Galas and External Open Meets

A - BEJSC registration form

B - Parent Acknowledgement Form

C - Parent Volunteer Form

Forms A, B and C to be completed and sent to [email protected]