Volunteer committee members needed - are you our next Membership Secretary or Treasurer?

Helen Fisher

We're looking for a Membership Secretary and Treasurer to takeover from the current Committee members who are standing down.  If you would like more information on either of these Volunteer roles, please contact the Chairperson     [email protected] 

Treasurer – are you well organised, good at checking detail and using spreadsheets?  As we are part of Bourne End Junior Sports Club, their Book-keeper manages the in’s and out’s of our account.  Our Treasurer keeps a track on our income (monthly fees) and expenditure so we know our financial status.  You will produce regular forecasts and ensure our Accounts tally with the main Club at the end of the financial year.  Our Treasurer also manages our swimming pool bookings.

You’ll need to spend a couple of hours to do a handover with our retiring Treasurer, then your time commitment will be about three hours a month monitoring our income and expenses.  You’ll need to attend our Committee Meetings (two hours about six times a year).

Membership Secretary – are you well-organised and good at keeping on top of a process?  Our Membership Secretary spends a couple of hours a week across a few days to bring new swimmers on board. You’ll receive enquiries and forward them onto a coach to arrange swim trials.  You’ll chase the results of the trial so you can email out information and Membership forms to new members.  Once you get the information back you set them up on our database and the Swim England database.  You’ll need to liaise our Treasurer so they know to expect new payments and with Bourne End Junior Sports Club regarding membership of their Club.  Once a year you manage the Swim England membership renewals.

We have a well-established method with template emails.  The key is keeping the process on track and moving forward.  It’s a satisfying and important position as you’re the first contact people have with our Club and being efficient and well organised means we can welcome more swimmers.

Handover with acting Membership Secretary; a couple of hours a week; attend Committee Meetings (2 hours x 6 times a year).