Bourne End swimmer selected for Modern Pentathlon Athlete Development programme

Helen Fisher

We're very pleased to hear that one of our swimmers, Andrew Partridge, is part of the Modern Pentathlon Athlete Development programme and swimming with Bourne End has helped him progress.  Here's Andrew's story so far - 

I have been a part of Bourne End for about 5 years now. I joined the club from a local learn to swim programme and was not considered a 'sporty' child, however the club has played a major part in changing my sporting career and opportunities. Alongside my swimming, I also joined a local athletics club which led to me competing in a Modern Biathlon (swimming and running), reaching the National Finals. Over the past few years I added shooting and fencing and I am now part of the Athlete Development programme for Modern Pentathlon, a combination of 5 different sports (although 4 for my age group, these being Swimming, Athletics, Shooting and Fencing) all being merged into one competition. The club has been brilliant at supporting me in the swimming element of the Modern Pentathlon having the flexibility to swim up to 3 sessions a week or just the one depending on what other sporting commitments I have. The coaches are able to give individual attention to helping me improve and the club offers the perfect balance of a friendly environment with competitive opportunities through local galas and club championships. My younger sister has also joined the club over the last year and has started competing in Modern Biathlon Competitions. The club has supported her in the early stages of her club swimming by developing her technique to match her natural competitiveness. Bourne End is a great club for anyone of all ages and standards who want to swim either as a social or competitive swimmer.