Committee Role Vacancies

Paul Downey

We have a number of vacancies that we are looking for volunteers for, if you are interested please email the Chairman and don't forget to join us at the AGM to be introduced.  


Welfare Officer

This is one of the most important committee roles and also very rewarding as you ensure the well-being and safety of our club swimmers, coaches and parents. Your role is to assist the club in implementing the Swim England procedures, (Wavepower); ensuring the welfare of all club members, including dealing with any safeguarding/welfare issues with support from appropriate bodies within Swim England; organising relevant safeguard training; processing necessary DBS checks.

If you have basic admin and record keeping skills, excellent communication skills, enjoy talking to people and can maintain confidentiality then you will be well suited to this role.


Committee Secretary

This role is about keeping the committee on track in its supervision and development of the club. As Secretary you will organise our regular committee meetings (currently during Sunday evening training sessions or a weekday evening); set and circulate the agenda; take notes during the meeting then write them up and circulate the minutes. You will organise our AGM including booking the venue and all the above.

This is a good role for a well organised person who wants to assist in the running of the club in a relatively light-touch role.

Gala co-ordinator

Many of our swimmers enjoy competing in galas and find it good way to mark their swimming progress. In this role you'll manage the gala schedule including the entry dates and event dates and publish it on our website. You'll collate all the entries for each gala ensuring that entry fees have been received from all the swimmers. Then you'll make the entry for our Club and on confirmation, inform all the swimmers when they will be swimming. Management of entries and fees will be done via our new website.

Knowledge about galas and how they work would be an advantage in this role as well as good organisation and attention to detail.


Team Manager (per gala and for Chiltern League)

We would like to have a Team Manager for each gala our swimmers attend. They will supervise our group of swimmers poolside ensuring that they know when they are swimming.

For Chiltern League theTeam Manager will book a coach for the team and inform swimmers and parents about venues, times etc.

Being poolside as a Team Manager or Official is a great way to support your children when they swim in galas and can make the whole event more interesting when you have to be there.