Role of Club Child Protection Officer

This page provides a detailed overview of the role of the child protection officer.

The Role of the Club Child Protection Officer.

Characteristics of a Club Child Protection Officer within a swimming context include:

• An understanding of, and support for, the introduction / maintenance of a Child Protection Policy.

• An understanding and appreciation of the need for confidentiality.

• The ability to follow procedures and to know when to seek advice and not rely solely on own judgement.

• May currently work in a similar environment with training.

The CPO is expected to fulfil the following tasks:

• Ensure all persons working with children and young people at the Club are fully aware of what is required of them within the protocols of the Policy / Code of Good Practice.

• Conduct the administrative work associated with processing information on new coaches/ organisers.

• Liaise closely with Club youth coaches, ensuring that agreed procedures for the prevention of risk are followed.

• Counsel / advise the Club on matters of policy relating to Child Protection.

• Advise / circulate details of opportunities for youth coaches to undertake training.

• Act as the contact person on matters relating to Child Protection at the Club.

Club Child Protection Officers Action Process where abuse is alleged or disclosed.

  The CPO will take details of the allegation  / suspicion  / concern by completing an Incident Record Form.

1. The CPO may consult with an appropriate Child Protection professional i.e.: Social Work Department

2. The CPO will inform Scottish Swimming of any Disclosure(s) within 48 hours of taking details.

• Note: To avoid any doubt or uncertainty, it is strongly recommended that the CPO contact the local Social Work Department to confirm procedures and allay fears.

Remember: The task of deciding whether or not abuse has occurred rests with professional agencies.

The Scottish Swimming contact for Child Protection advice and support is Ashley Howard, Chief Executive.   All cases must be reported to her within 48 hours.

Tel: 01786 466 520 or 07834 730 578