Bristol Penguin Olympic Swimming Club


About the Masters Squad

We have a thriving masters squad at Bristol Penguins which is overseen by our dedicated masters coach, John Ferguson. We train for 45 weeks of the year, with a four week break in August, two weeks at Christmas and one at Easter. In the summer we also do some open water swimming at Cromhall – normally Sunday mornings.


All sessions are coached, and we usually cover a distance of 2-3km in a session (sometimes this is high-intensity, sometimes distance work, and sometimes drill/technique work). Our masters swimmers are both competitive and non-competitive. 


Squad Options

Masters Competitive

These sessons are for masters level swimmers who want to swim and compete. There are three sessions a week in the Masters Competitive squads and swimmers can add additional sessions into their programme from the Masters sessions. 


Adult swimmers who have a background of club swimming will be suited to these sessions. Swimmers can attend one, two or three sessions a week. 

Adult Swim For Fit

These sessions are for adult swimmers without a club swimming background. Swimmers can attend one or two sessions a week.



The Masters timetable can be found here



There is an annual membership fee of £42.80 per year, which includes Swim England registration.

We offer several different types of membership, with fees as follows:

  • Masters Competitive: £54 per month. Access to three dedicated sessions per week, with an option for up to three additional sessions.

  • Masters & Adult Swim for Fit: £31.60 per month. Access to one session per week.

  • Masters & Adult Swim for Fit: £40.35 per month. Access to two sessions per week.

  • Masters & Adult Swim for Fit: £52.35 per month. Access to three sessions per week.

  • Student: £124.30 per year, entitling you to train at three sessions per week during the university holidays.


How to Join

If you would like to join our masters squad or would like to find out more, email Sophia at [email protected]