About our Open water Season 

We’ve had another successful open water season this year with swims at Cromhall Lake for many swimmers in the competitive and club squads. The season started with a Zoom and pool open water training session to allow swimmers new to open water swimming to be aware of safety aspects and to get used to using some of the different skills involved such as sighting while swimming.

Penguins then ran weekly open water sessions at Cromhall Lake throughout June and July. Many of these sessions ended with a sausage sizzle so swimmers could get some energy back! The weather was mostly great and sessions were enjoyed by all.

We will advertise open water for 2022 next year!

We end with a few pictures.


The sun is finally out and the water is warming up!!!!  So that means it’s……OPEN WATER SEASON.

Building on our open water sessions last year we have decided to increase the number of session we hold at Cromhall (because it’s a beautiful water to swim in) and incorporate a trip to the Devon coast. We’ve also included an initial swimming pool session to have some practice at some of the specific skills needed for open water swimming. The goal of our open water program is primarily to give our swimmers the skill and confidence to safely enjoy open water and have some fun. There are also opportunities to enter competitions including our open water club champs. During the open water sessions, swimmers will also work towards the Swim England Open Water Award.

Swimmers can sign up to as many sessions as they like. Any general queries, please email Ben Mullen – [email protected] Note, once your entry is received – cost of entry will be billed via Team Unify.

Use of wetsuits / temperature of water

Swim England rules / guidance around wetsuits is based around water temperatures as follows

  • 20oC and above – no wetsuit.

  • 18-19.9 oC – choose to wear a wetsuit or not.

  • 16 to 17.9 oC – wetsuits are compulsory

  • Temperatures below 15.9 oC – no competing and we will risk assess if any swimming can take place.

We expect temperatures to be 16 to 20oC.

Swimmers will need a wetsuit for the outdoor sessions. These can be purchased or hired. Website links to wetsuits:

Note – if the cost of hiring / buying a wetsuit means the cost for taking part is prohibitive then funding maybe available to support with this.

To take part in these sessions, please complete the entry on-line using the active login. Places will be allocated first come, first serve.

We ask parents to be in attendance for the outdoor sessions. At Cromhall, there will be a gazebo and we’ll run a BBQ.

For the outdoor sessions, swimmers should wear a swimming hat and swimmers should not wear watches or jewellery. Swimmers need to bring their swimming stuff, a warm change of clothes, two towels, drink and snack. Swimmers may want to wear ear plugs and have an anti-chafe product – e.g. body glide or lanacane.

Helpers needed

For each session we need some volunteers to assist generally encouraging the swimmers and being spotters.

We also need helpers to run the club champ event in 2022 (see below).


Helpers for Club Champs

We require the following helpers before and on the day of the championships. Please indicate if you can help.

  1. Admin support

  2. Act as a timer, and spotter to track each swimmer and count their laps. Note lots of people needed for this. You don’t need to be qualified.

  3. Someone to start the races and judge the finish. You don’t need to be qualified..

  4. General helpers to keep an eye on swimmers’ welfare.

  5. Make nice (nut free) snacks for swimmers to eat after racing!

  6. A photographer.