Bristol Penguin Club Kit 

If your child is new to swimming, it can be difficult to understand or know what kit is correct for them to have.  When it comes to fins/kickboard/pull buoys, you do not need to break the bank to get ones that do the job. A good thing to remember is to name the kit with a permanent pen, as most children end up with very similar kit.

If you have any questions about kit, please contact Alex at [email protected]

Here is a quick breakdown of what is required:

Basic kit list for all squads:

  • Working goggles

  • Spare goggles

  • Club swim hat

  • Short fins

  • Kickboard

  • Pull buoy

  • Drinks bottle with water

Short Fins

These range in price from £16 upwards.  For a new swimmer, the £16 fins will do just as good a job as the £35 pair.


These range from £12 upwards. For a new swimmer, the £12 kickboard will do the job. You can usually find kickboards at the leisure centres to buy.


These range from £10 upwards. For a new swimmer, the £10 pullbuoy will do the job. You can usually find pullbuoys at the leisure centres to buy.

Swim hats

All members are required to have a Bristol Penguin hat when competing in competitions. Hats are £7.99 plus delivery for a standard Bristol Penguin hat (see photo). Order this online at SwimPath.


Bristol Penguins are fortunate to have a discount of 10% with leading swim shop  Swimpath offer a variety of brands, from their own and all the leading brands.

To receive the discount, please follow this link below, you will need to sign up to the exclusive club membership and you’ll receive an exclusive code by email. Members will also have priority access to new product releases and discounted products before we market to the general public.

Bristol Penguins Swimming Club Team Kit Page


Kit pictured below can be ordered online at :



Kit recycling

For equipment that no longer fits your swimmer and can be reused, please post the relevant details on the club Facebook parents page.